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About Shiraz Syed Qazi January 24, 2007

Posted by faketerror in Shiraz Syed Qazi.

Shiraz (26) came to the US on student visa in 1999 from Kuwait (originally from Karachi, Pakistan) and was studying in HCC. He got married in late 2005. He was very active in the Muslim community and was very helpful when ever someone needed him. He was arrested in November 2006 after FBI raided his home and searched for anything that they could use against him. They also took one copy of the Koran for analysis. They took Shiraz in custody without even informing his wife who was in another room.

Shiraz appeared in court on December, 2006 and was being defended by a public defender. The only charge against him is that he once went out with his friends on the camping trip and held a gun while the undercover FBI informant took his and other’s pictures. Neither did he or anyone else know that it was illegal to posses a firearm under student visa. This new law was only recently established.

You are urged to write to him to show your support at his address:
SHIRAZ QAZI #56406-179
P.O. BOX 526255, HOUSTON, TX 77052



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