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About Adnan Babar Mirza January 24, 2007

Posted by faketerror in Adnan Mirza.

Adnan (30) came to US in 2001 on student visa and was studying in Houston Community College. He was very active in the Muslim community… especially with 877-WhyIslam Dawah project. Every weekend he used to serve food to the homeless in downtown Houston. He also helped in organizing other charity events such as distibuting clothes, non-perishable food items and other daily-use stuff for the Somalian refugees living in Southwest Houston.

He and the other brothers went on camping trips in 2005 in which 2 undercover FBI informants (Muslims) made there way through. The FBI informants would have regular casual conversations about jihad and get their inputs all the while secretly recording their conversations.

Adnan pleaded not guilty to the terroism charges and is awaiting trial. His trial was supposed to take place in January but was pushed ahead to May as the FBI requested more time to submit evidence to Adnan’s lawyers. Thereby extending his imprisonment.

He currently doesn’t have any direct family members in the US as he was living with his relatives and thus no one can visit him in the prison. Only direct family members are allowed to visit inmates. You can imagine the pain and suffering he may be going thru. They were only recently allowed to meet other inmates.

You are urged to write to him to show your support at his address:
P.O. BOX 526255, HOUSTON, TX 77052



1. Bader Mirza - February 1, 2007

ASSALAMUALIKUM!!!! I am Adnan Mirza’s youngest brother and Shiraz Qazi’s first cousin!!! I know it is an very tough exam from ALLAH TAA’LA and we should be really thankful that ALLAH has remembered us!!! It is really difficult to do things in this situation like studies, work and etc. Beside all we just need to have an believe that everything is in ALLAH’S hands so we r just to ask for His help. I am also aware with the situation there i was really shocked when i came to know about Shiraz bhai’s trial but couldn’t do anything except praying for some miracle to happen i pray that ALLAH give his family patience n confidence!!! MAAZ is also a brother to me in fact we r of same age though i never met him but i am very sure he is really a nice n great person who is on a right path at a very early age i also pray for his betterment as they all r equal to me and my family i can’t really do anything from Pakistan beside praying n also making effort to bring this situation in front of the ppl n media. I just want Pakistan to wake up and see what paki’s n Muslim’s r going through!!! All i want from you people is to keep this case alive unless n until there safely home n also keep your spirit alive soon we will win INSHALLAH!!! And will get the reward in hereafter which would be forever so keep praying n be patient!!! WASSALAMUALIKUM to all my brother’s n sisters!!! Regards

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