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Update on Shiraz’s Case January 24, 2007

Posted by faketerror in Shiraz Syed Qazi.

The next hearing for Shiraz Qazi will be on Tuesday January 30th at 1 pm at the Federal Court in Downtown Houston on the 11th floor at 515 Rusk, Houston, TX 77002. Click here for a map. Please try to come and show your support to him and his family!


This is no longer a pre-trial. Its going to be a bench trial and the judge is going to make a verdict (which may be appealed if necessary). Shiraz’s attorney, Mr. Brent Newton has been preparing hard for this and we hope and pray for a good result Insha Allah.

We will need the support both by prayers and physical attendance. Last time there was some misunderstanding that the reason to get more people is to change the jury/judge’s and make them consider that. But the actual reason for the large attendance is mainly to morally support the people being tried and their families.

We ask all to pass this around and whoever can make it to attend the court hearing on this coming Tuesday. Those who can’t, do remember us all in your prayers. Not just these few people in Houston but pray for all those who have been going through these and even more severe tests than these. May Allah make us patient and steadfast during these hard times. Ameen.



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