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How it all began? February 16, 2007

Posted by Fauji in Adnan Mirza.

It was while Adnan volunteered at ICNA/WHYISLAM Houston, that he became good friends with Kobie Williams and Jim Coates. Adnan had been very fond of outdoor camping and long drives for which he used to make trips almost every 5-6 months. He had been to many Young Muslim camps which are annually organized. He had been very regular in outdoor camping long before this so-called 2005 investigation started.

Jim was made in-charge of many WhyIslam activities in Houston especially the HPD training courses on Islam. In sometime of 2004, Jim and Kobie had travelled near the Big Bend National Park for camping/hiking and there they were stopped by the Border Patrol (who usually check almost everyone in that area as it is very close to the Mexican Border) and because of their religious background the FBI was called on to ask them questions (Note that it was only Jim and Kobie who were at that hiking trip. The FBI Houston chief incorrectly made the remark during Kobie’s guilty plea on how they were informed about these two men i.e. Adnan and Kobie through referral from the Border Patrol).

After their return to Houston, both Jim and Kobie were approached by the local FBI for further questioning in which Jim cooperated with them while Kobie literally shut the door on their face. Jim was offered a great deal by the feds and he went for it. Since then Jim’s attitude and behavior changed and he started acting “weird” (it even came up during the cross-questioning of the FBI agent in Adnan’s hearing and the FBI agent acknowledged that both Kobie and Adnan mentioned this “weird” change in Jim). Then Jim started to organize camping trips and brought hunting equipment to the group. Initially they just went for some fishing trips and then later they started going to local shooting ranges for hunting practice. Jim also introduced another person to the group, Malik Mohammad.

They all became very close and would spend much time together camping on weekends and would spend evenings at local coffee shops having friendly discussions on all sorts of Islamic/current events topics. Jim would bring up the topic of Jihad very frequently during these discussions (the FBI agent acknowledged that the paid informant (we know it was Jim) was given instructions to discuss only certain topics and to record them). During their discussions Jim would repeatedly mention that he wanted to go fight with the mujahideen and would tell the group that he saw dreams that he was fighting alongside the mujahideen. During all these times, they would take photos and have fun because that is what they went there for. During their last camping trip, Malik, who has a military background, offered to give them specific military training, in case they might need it for their defense.

Jim had even divorced his wife. Once his job was done with the group, he took a leave. He told the group that he was going out of state, to live with his mother for some time who is very sick. Months passed and he would not return their calls. Upon calling his mother they were surprised to find out that Jim never went to see her and she was never sick.
Kobie in the meanwhile was approached by the FBI again and this time they told him much about the case against them. During these investigations, the feds threatened Kobie that if he didn’t cooperate with them, he would end up in prison for a long time. Finally they asked Kobie to talk to Adnan and tell him to come and have a talk with them. Kobie did so but he did not tell Adnan anything about the charges. Adnan went the very next day. Thinking that it was not that important he went alone. There he was questioned and intimidated by six (6) officers in a room while he was there alone and he was even made to waive his right to an attorney during the questioning. They asked him questions about what he thought of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he honestly told them about his personal views on the war.

He voluntarily turned his hunting gun, which he had and even gave his passport to them. Like Kobie, the officers told him strictly not to talk to anyone about this case and to cooperate and accept the charges and they promised to give him a very short time in prison. Adnan however spoke about the case (not in detail though) to many people. He was then take to the immigration detention a week before Kobie’s guilty plea. Since then he has been in Federal prison. To make the case look stronger and bigger in media, the feds arrested Shiraz and Maaz, for charges of firearm possession.


1. Yahya Gant - March 13, 2007

Al hamdulillah, I’m amaze at the things that has happen to these Muslims. However thats not the first and want be the last. Since post 911 this was a way for the government to invade the lives of the Muslims in the US. We as Muslims must always beware of these so called Muslims that pose as our brothers in the faith, yet at the same time they have evil intentions. However the sad thing is the so called learned of the Ummah are not standing up for justice which we have been commanded to do, until it one of them. Also the thing thats so shocking is that most of the Muslims that are here for the big jobs and the money is that it can be taken in one day all that they’ve work for, because thats the so called American dream, a dream that can be taking over night.

All because you fell for the word game. What word game jihad or how do you feel about the brothers over seas, or the Iraq war, theses are traps. Don’t get me wrong we should love our country, but have a great dislike for any injustice whether it Muslim related or not. What Jim Coats did is a great wrong to lie on these brothers for the sake of money, I recall several times when I was with these brothers that he would always start a conversation about the war and fighting with the muhajidun I would always get up and leave them. We have to be awake at all times.

2. Shahada - March 20, 2007

“We have to be awake at all times.”

As’selaam Aleykum,

Very true words, indeed!

3. ams - May 24, 2007

jazakallu khairan

4. Concern bro at Al Islam - May 25, 2007

Very true bro yahya. I am not sure the bro lied. I used to get up from the conversations also but it wasnt jim who started them. We dont have all of the facts and didnt stay to find out.

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