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Shiraz’s Sentencing May 10, 2007

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The sentencing in Shiraz’s case will be this coming Thursday May 17th, 2007 at 8:30 am. It will be in the same building in downtown @ 515 Rusk St., Houston TX 77002.

Results for Shiraz’s Trial January 30, 2007

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During the first part of the case, Shiraz and his attorney waived the right for a jury before the judge. The judge verified with both and the lawyer explained the reason to the judge. The main reason for waving it was that if Shiraz was found guilty by the jury the sentence would be much tougher.

The US Government accused Shiraz of possessing a firearm during the camping trip for 3 days while he was under his student visa. They presented pictures of him holding the gun, which he did not deny.

In the end, the judge issued the verdict that he is GUILTY and that his sentencing would be held on May 17, 2007. Until then the court would investigate this issue and get more information.

After the hearing Ali Khalil, an official from CAIR Houston, who attended the hearing, investigated more with Shiraz’s attorney, Mr. Brent Newton, about the case. The attorney said that this is how it usually goes and during the time before the sentencing they will present all the evidence. When asked how long his sentence may be he said maybe a few months to a year. 6 months will already have been served in May. But after he is let go the immigration authorities will probably arrest him.

The CAIR official was also interview by Cindy George, who also attended the hearing, from the Houston Chronicle. He explained that these friends were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The law that they are charged with was not well known by anyone, even attorneys didn’t know it. He told that if the government enacts a law like this, they have the responsibility to make it public and inform the community leaders to announce it. They shouldn’t be held responsible for a law that is just on the papers and everyone is ignorant about it.

We pray for the quick release of Shiraz and the other Muslims who have been accused by the government.

You can read this article in the Houston Chronicle regarding this hearing: Pakistani found guilty of gun charge.

Also read this from Tom Kirkendall’s blog (Houston based attorney): Expensive Target Practice (related to this case). It also has links to the actual “motion to dismiss” and the “prosecutor’s response” documents for Shiraz’s case.

Update on Shiraz’s Case January 24, 2007

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The next hearing for Shiraz Qazi will be on Tuesday January 30th at 1 pm at the Federal Court in Downtown Houston on the 11th floor at 515 Rusk, Houston, TX 77002. Click here for a map. Please try to come and show your support to him and his family!


About Shiraz Syed Qazi January 24, 2007

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Shiraz (26) came to the US on student visa in 1999 from Kuwait (originally from Karachi, Pakistan) and was studying in HCC. He got married in late 2005. He was very active in the Muslim community and was very helpful when ever someone needed him. He was arrested in November 2006 after FBI raided his home and searched for anything that they could use against him. They also took one copy of the Koran for analysis. They took Shiraz in custody without even informing his wife who was in another room.

Shiraz appeared in court on December, 2006 and was being defended by a public defender. The only charge against him is that he once went out with his friends on the camping trip and held a gun while the undercover FBI informant took his and other’s pictures. Neither did he or anyone else know that it was illegal to posses a firearm under student visa. This new law was only recently established.

You are urged to write to him to show your support at his address:
SHIRAZ QAZI #56406-179
P.O. BOX 526255, HOUSTON, TX 77052